Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry

Congratulations to these sweet couples!


Below is a list of wedding registries we have available. Visit or call our store to know the exquisite gifts lovingly chosen by the following OTPs:


Jade Riffle and Trey Sedigas

Shower: April 28, 2018

Wedding: June 9, 2018


Madison Wiesinger and Cameron Ray

Shower: June 16, 2018

Wedding: July 7, 2018


McKinlee Stokes and Colby Martin

Shower: May 26, 2018

Wedding: July 14, 2018


Kyla Blovin and Trey Moore

Shower: July 14, 2018

Wedding: August 25, 2018


Natasha Colpetzer and Jason Eidson

Shower: June 21, 2018

Wedding: September 1, 2018


  1. Golden Crown Golden Crown

    Hi Lisa- Sorry we missed your comment. We had the registry here but as you know, the shower date has passed. We can still figure out some gift items that were not purchased from their list if you want to.

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