Profile of a Customer: Dana Tomlinson

Profile of a Customer:  Dana Tomlinson

Guymon is in the heart of Dana Tomlinson and her love for her hometown is evident in the way she talks about the growth and development of businesses in the area. Born and raised in this railroad town founded by an entrepreneur (E. T. Guymon), Dana lends a trustworthy and commanding insight into the various aspects of patronizing local shops and restaurants.


She is an avid customer of Urban Bru and calls everything about it (food, drinks, customer service, and ambience) great, reminding her of the mountains and the relaxed atmosphere they surround her with. She notes the frontage of Golden Crown and how it is an eye-catcher right in town center, when barrels of fresh flowers in full bloom grace its sidewalk from spring to fall. “You know there’s something inside there you want to see.” She continues, “Every time I come in, it’s different. Just like today, I’m looking at these gorgeous pieces of jewelry. You can’t leave without getting a gift or the gift that you’re looking for. And they gift-wrap beautifully.”


When Dana has out-of-town visitors, she cannot wait to give them some special pampering at Harana Medspa. “They don’t rush you. That’s what you’re there for. Slow down. Relax. Meditate. Enjoy.” She also makes special mention of Galleon Restaurant, which she likens to eating places she’s patronized in New York or Scottsdale. It’s her favorite go-to spot for dinner. She highlights the steaks (“They have the best steaks in town and we can cut them with our forks”), which her husband can discuss knowledgeably, having worked for forty-six years and counting in Hitch Industries, a local business giant in the beef industry.


She appreciates that Guymon has a rich variety of cuisines besides the Filipino-Mexican-Spanish fusion at Galleon. There’s Mexican, Italian, and even Lebanese available all over town. However, Dana still does wish for more shopping options. She loves it that new stores have opened and looks forward especially to having ones that have a broader line of clothes.


Dana believes that Shop and Dine is a great idea towards getting people to shop downtown. If she has her way, she would like to see more sales happening in the stores. “People like that four-letter word: s-a-l-e. With a big sign. That’s a drawing card.” And beyond that, what she especially appreciates about the shopping experience in a place like Guymon is that the service is always personal. “That is what I like about small towns. And the older you get, you pretty much want to find it at home. If I can’t find it here, I take it off my list. We’re fortunate to have what we do have.”


And that right there is why Guymon is in the heart of Dana.


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