Having a Big Stomach

Having a Big Stomach

I almost forgot how this felt like! The thrill and excitement of an unknown. In 2017, my husband and I decided to keep calm and not to start anything new. No new businesses, no new projects, no new renovation. Being an Ox and a Monkey (in the Chinese zodiac) respectively, that year (the Year of the Rooster) did not bode well for us in terms of new investments and risks, so we dug in our heels.


But something about 2018 got us going again and it seemed to emanate from the great energy we saw coming from different directions. Or it could simply have been our internal potential energy seeking forward motion.


Recently, we visited a new “project” and I felt it again! The excitement of creating something. Of designing, redesigning, and implementing. Of those sleepless nights, too short days, and countless brainstorming hours.


You may call me crazy, but this, my friends, is the energy that fuels an entrepreneur. My dad used to tell me that “one must have a stomach big enough to swallow big chunks of luck.” When you are in the thick of a project--not sleeping, tummy churning, you start to question why you do this . . . and yet you do it over and over again.


We envisioned Urban Bru eight years ago, fueled by our passion for good coffee and conversation. We had just moved to Guymon, Oklahoma, and didn't find the kind of coffee shop we wanted: one that served up the best coffee experience, had great food, and created a common ground for people to get together. I was working in real estate then and, one day, I saw a listing for a commercial building. Boom! Idea! Dream! Action!


Urban Bru may be our first surviving business venture, but when my husband and I sat down one evening, we recalled at least 12 other ventures that we started (and mostly failed at). One we always laugh about is our roast pig venture, “MMMMMamoy.” We had partnered with two of my cousins and set up a stall in the mall to sell roast pig (lechon). At one point, my husband would finish his work as a medical resident at the hospital and then head out to the mall to help chop up the pig. I could still remember the smell of my car when I transported the roast pig. Yummy!


My car smells different nowadays, but the same whiff of excitement and opportunity still permeates. Are you ready to hop on board with us to our new ad/venture/s?


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