Why Golden Crown Is Dog-Friendly

Why Golden Crown Is Dog-Friendly

Pictured above is Sam, a regular visitor, lounging on the couch at the coffee-and-health bar.


One doesn't think of Golden Crown's owner, Susan Barias, without thinking of her as a true-blue friend of canines. She loves her own three fluffy boys to distraction and her passion spills over even into the daily setup at the brick-and-mortar shop. On any given day, it is possible to find a box of doggie treats by the cash register because your furbabies are welcome within the premises of Golden Crown.


If your four-pawed loves are well-behaved and trained, there's really no reason to keep them lonely in your car or at home. Let them join the shopping experience with you. There's also a special section for their own needs: a new food bowl here; a novelty winter vest there. Come and see them anytime. Only at Golden Crown.


  1. MT MT

    Thank you very much for your suggestion! We'll look into how we can apply it to our expanding online store. Meantime, hope you'll enjoy the 20% discount. We'll email you the code shortly.

  2. Nicole Peterson Nicole Peterson

    I love the online idea! Looks great! The gifts tab is super helpful. Maybe adding a tab to shop by brand for items would be helpful. Thanks, Nicole :)

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