New Book Section Adds New Dimension to Your Beloved Gift Shop

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New Book Section Adds New Dimension to Your Beloved Gift Shop

Guymon is a growing city right in the heart of the Oklahoma Panhandle. With its prospects bright and promising, it surely inspires many local entrepreneurs to introduce novel (pun intended) offerings to both its residents and guests. Welcome, therefore, to the new book section of Golden Crown!


Easily noticeable beside the coffee shop, the new bookstore showcases more than just US authors and titles. Cai Barias, COO of Good Street Company, the umbrella organization under which Golden Crown operates, explained, "When I was choosing titles, I looked primarily at emerging authors from different countries in Africa and South America, ones that wouldn't necessarily have made it onto a high school reading list, in the hopes of engaging different voices." Hers is a solid decision, considering the diverse population of the town, with people coming from many countries in the continents she mentioned.


It was also Cai's personal experience that provided the foundation for the new corner's concept. "I wanted to start selling books because I loved spending time in bookstores, when I was growing up. I wanted to create the same type of space in Guymon." Without doubt, nothing could be more inviting than curling up on one of the comfy couches in the immediate vicinity of the bookshelves, while sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea and reading your newly bought novel.


Beyond just visiting the bookstore, Cai has a standing invitation to all: "I'm always open to author/book suggestions. And if anyone's interested in joining or forming a book club, they should feel free to reach out to Golden Crown staff."


We hope you take her up on her invitation. Come visit soon. Your books await.


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