Calley’s Custom Creations Finds a Home in Golden Crown

Calley’s Custom Creations Finds a Home in Golden Crown

Any business grown out of a passion for arts and crafts is often challenged to find a home because its products need enough space to be displayed and appreciated by buyers. It’s one thing to show their photos on social media, with the very best filters to highlight their beauty; it’s another thing to see and feel every texture, every nick, and every serendipitous accident that makes each piece unique.


When Calley Sassin started Calley’s Custom Creations, that situation was part of a dilemma she needed to address. While she had relative success in selling her works online via Facebook and Instagram, she needed a platform that was more tangible and accessible to her customers. She wanted to be more than a seasonal gift idea. And that is how she came to find a home in Golden Crown.


Calley approached Susan Barias, the tireless and always innovative shop owner, with the idea of selling her creations from the Main Street brick-and-mortar shop. Susan was very quick to support Calley; she opened up a space for her to sell her paintings and wall décor within line of sight of the entrance. That was not a very hard decision for Susan to make because it dovetailed very neatly with her enduring business philosophy: shop local, support local artists, sustain other small businesses, and celebrate other women entrepreneurs. At the same time, it also gave Calley some breathing space to explore more possibilities beyond the usual Christmas fare that she created.


But one thing hasn’t changed: Calley’s Custom Creations remain ready for customizing, even in-store. It is still possible for clients to add their own sayings, their own names, or any other thing to a piece to make it their very own, one-of-a-kind. At no extra cost.


So come and explore our online store or drop by our Main Street shop to have your very own piece or pieces from the collection of Calley’s Custom Creations.


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